Georgia Deeds Land Lottery - Cherokee Land 1832 ‎(S1)‎
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Title Georgia Deeds Land Lottery - Cherokee Land 1832
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Participation in the Georgia Land Lottery of 1832 ‎(AKA The Cherokee Land Lottery)‎ must have been residents of Georgia for at least 3 years. Revolutionary soldiers were given extra draws. Participants registered in their home counties; the draws were held in the then-state capital of Milledgeville. Fortunate drawers paid a grant fee of $18. Source: Smith, James F. The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of Georgia.
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Location of Lot 61 todayLocation of Lot 61 today  ‎(M67)‎

Note: This is my best guess at where lot 61 is located today. I've pinpointed this location based on rivers listed on the original surveyers map and a federal road that ran through the property. I do not know what has become of the land or how it has passed hands over the years. From what I've been able to gather, the land is located in Pickens County today on highway 136 in northern Georgia. If anyone has anymore information, please contact me.

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1832 Surveyers map of the 2th section 12nd district1832 Surveyers map of the 2th section 12nd district  ‎(M66)‎

Note: This is an image of the original surveyers map that was done for the 1832 land lottery in Georgia. This is the 2nd section in the 12th district of the Cherokee land. Baton Hattaway received lot 61 as part of the land lottery. Lot 61 can be found in the upper left corner. All lots were 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile.

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1832 GA Land Lottery Grant Certificate ‎(Example)‎1832 GA Land Lottery Grant Certificate ‎(Example)‎  ‎(M65)‎

Note: This is an example of the land lottery certificate that was given to each person when their name was drawn. I do not have the original document given to Baton Hattaway for Lot 61.

Georgia Deeds Land Lottery - Cherokee Land 1832

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