Sarah Elizabeth Taylor  ‎(I410)‎
Given Names: Sarah Elizabeth
Surname: Taylor
Married Name: Sarah Elizabeth Hattaway

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 1826 Alabama, USA
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 1826 Alabama, USA

Civil Marriage MarriageCivil Marriage
David J. Hattaway - 1863 ‎(Age 37)‎ Butler, Alabama, USA

Death DeathYes
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Immediate Family  (F111)
David J. Hattaway
1817 - 1874

Death of spouse The obituary indicates that David lived in Alabama for 27 years prior to his death. He had come back to visit his father ‎(baton)‎ and died while visiting. It also lists him as the brother inlaw of N.B. Giles who lived in the community.
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Death of spouse Newspaper Obituary of David J Hattaway
Publication: Evans, Tad. Washington County Georgia Newspaper Clippings. Vol. II (1867-1880), p. 167-168. 1506 Stillwood Drive, Savannah, GA 31419: Self-published, 1994. (Also available on microfiche from the LDS Family History Library.)
  Text: From the Friday, Apr 17 1874 issue of the Sandersville Herald and Georgian: "Mr. David J. Hataway, a native of this county, died on the 7th instant, at the residence of his father, Baton Hataway, Sr. He was brother-in-law of our esteemed fellow-citizen N. B. Giles. He had lived in Alabama for the last 27 years, and came to this county on the first of April to visit his old home, relatives and friends, and died on Tuesday the 7th."
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Close Relatives
Family with David J. Hattaway
David J. Hattaway ‎(I154)‎
Birth 1817 24 22 Warren County, GA
Death 7 April 1874 ‎(Age 57)‎ Washington County, GA
9 years

Sarah Elizabeth Taylor ‎(I410)‎
Birth 1826 Alabama, USA
Death Yes

Civil Marriage: 1863 -- Butler, Alabama, USA