James Hattaway + Diana Meeks

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
Baton Hattaway ‎(I1)‎
Birth 1793 28 Greenville, Pitt, North Carolina, USA
Death 20 January 1876 ‎(Age 83)‎ Warthen, Washington, Georgia, USA

Parents Grandparents
James Hattaway ‎(I350)‎
Birth 1765 19 Pitt County, North Carolina
Death 1831 ‎(Age 66)‎ Warren County, Georgia
Amos Hattaway ‎(I223)‎
Birth 1746 36 24
Death 23 September 1796 ‎(Age 50)‎ Pitt County, North Carolina
Unknown Hattaway ‎(I376)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Diana Meeks ‎(I351)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Family Group Information   (F97)
Marriage Marriage 1784 Pitt County, North Carolina

Note: This date is based on the fact that according to the 1800 census, James and Diana had a daughter that was between the ages of 16 and 26. Given that she could have been in her 20's, I placed the marriage around 1784.
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